Buyers of Luxury Brands with High Discretionary Spend

ALC connects purveyors of luxury goods in all upscale markets with buyers that want them. Wealth Window takes you into the homes and into the online world of consumers with the highest levels of discretionary spending on non-essential items. The affluent population is growing and the Wealth Window consumer audience is growing along with it.

The wealthy are bullish on economic recovery and their confidence shows in the uptick of luxury brand merchandise purchases. Whether in the market for high fashion, luxury vehicles or gourmet food and wine, they are directly engaging with multichannel marketers.

These “affluentials” share their brand experiences with their social circles. Wealth Window Connections can expand your universe to these friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates who are also of means.

Wealth Window's Affluent Consumers...

... are ranked in the top 10% of discretionary income
... have an average net worth of $2.5MM
... have very high lines of credit

Luxury Brand Buyer Identification Factors

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