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Friday, March 14th, 2014
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targeting marketing to affluent executive consumers at home and business

Targeting affluent executives at home and business is a winning game plan for luxury brand marketers.

Luxury brand marketers can take a page from the big ticket B2B playbook in capturing the attention of busy, high-level executives. You can find a few choice pointers in this article on How to Reach the C-Suite:

  • C-Suite execs seek the advice of others
  • Hard facts and credibility are key
  • Be concise – short attention spans demand succinct messaging
  • Be provocative with useful and intriguing ideas
  • Deliver actionable, timely, relevant information


I agree with all of the above, and I see exactly how this can play out in upscale consumer marketing. After all, if you follow the money in big-ticket consumer spending, it’s in the hands of the highest paid executives.

Three Big Plays You Can  Make Now  to Acquire C-Level Customers”

1) Add Multi-touch to Multichannel

C-Level executives are running and gunning 24/7 at work, at home, on the go. A well-laid plan to break through to them requires contact information at multiple touch points and channels. You need to address them where they live and where they work. Follow up with email. Then follow them wherever they go on the web with digital display and video.

2) Get Your Hands on Need-to-Know Data

In today’s world of relevancy, your marketing is only as good as your intel. Is your C-Level prospect married? Does she have children? Where does she work? What’s her job function? What’s does her company  do? Company sales? Company size? Her own personal net worth?  Hobbies and interests? This is need-to-know personal and business information if you want to be hyper-relevant.

3) Reach Out to Their Connections

C-Level executives seek the advice of others. Makes sense. Family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors. Wouldn’t it be smart to include these influencers in your campaign to create some buzz? This works both ways. Once you land a heavy hitter who wields a lot of clout, he will likewise influence those close to him. You need to penetrate your prospect’s inner circle and get the message out to his group of influentials.

Targeting the working rich directly at both home and the office, via postal, email, digital display, mobile marketing and through their connections is a game plan that gives you the best chance to win the elusive C-Level executive as a new customer.

I hope I’ve kept your attention long enough to deliver this timely, succinct, actionable insight on marketing consumer brands to high-level execs!


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