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In Luxury Marketing, People Talk – Find Out Who They’re Talking To

Monday, April 15th, 2013

“Satisfied customers tell three friends,” writes Pete Blackshaw, co-founder of Word of Mouth Marketing Association. I’ll take that a few steps further and suggest that a happy wealthy customer shares their satisfaction with dozens of friends, family members, and business associates.

Affluent people identify with the brands they buy, the causes they support, and the hot spots they frequent. Beyond that of the average customer, they want to share their passions with friends and family—wearing designer merchandise, attending fundraising galas, and bragging about the exotic cruise they just took. Where you have one loyal upscale patron, you have the potential to tap into the dozens who they influence. But how can you gain entry into these affluent social circles?

Until now, marketers relied on friend-get-a-friend tactics, referral incentives and the like.  But through the sophisticated technology of Wealth Window Connections, you can now build that prospect universe using DATA.  Provide an upscale consumer — or thousands of them — and we can match up to 12 family and friend connections to each; people close to your best customers who are likely predisposed to support your cause or buy your brand.

We did just that with our Wealth Window database and developed a new universe of over 8 million connections to the most affluent people in America. Because we believe that in luxury marketing, it’s all about connections, you can build audience exponentially much the same way that social media works — by reaching those who’ve heard about you from people they know

For example:

Now “Wealth Window Connections” are available to all luxury marketers. Tap into our established audience of Wealth Window consumers and their connections, or to match your own customer and/or prospect file and identify friends, family members and associates with the means to spend. Hey, it’s good to have connections!

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