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Luxury Brand Marketers are Finding Online Digital Display More Effective than TV

Monday, November 19th, 2012

A new study, “Engaging the Affluent Online,” finds that 45% of agency and marketing executives believe that their luxury brands are moving into the digital space faster than mass market merchants. Digital display advertising (online display, video, mobile) currently represents over half of luxury brand digital budgets. 

Both advertisers and agencies believe that digital is just as effective as TV for building brand favorability and sales, and much more effective in driving online sales. The key is having the assurance that you are reaching true luxury buyers online, which is exactly what Wealth Window Data Driven Digital Advertising now makes possible. Luxury marketers can now serve relevant digital ads and video to the very wealthy wherever they travel the web. This revolutionary technology allows timing of display ads to synch with direct mail and email to deliver ads before, during and after cross-channel campaigns.

Digital also affords marketers perfect timing in automatic placing of their messages to those who want to see them. As Al Ries, chairman of marketing consultancy Ries & Ries points out, “You need to plan early, but not necessarily start your holiday campaign early. Traditionally, most people do not think about the holiday until after Thanksgiving Day.”

So mount a digital campaign now to drive upscale holiday shoppers to online and retail stores of luxury brands. Allow us to present a targetable online universe of high-end brand shoppers who “look like” and will act like your best customers who you can reach when they’re on the web and ready to buy.

In addition to executing digital display and retargeting campaigns to wealthy online shoppers, we can also allow you to reach them via their email addresses to conduct multi-digitial-channel campaigns. What a fantastic concept!

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