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Rich Men Love to Shop…Online

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Rich Men Love to Shop…Online

Who would have ever thought that the men’s luxury market would ever catch up with, let alone outperform, the women’s in all categories? It’s true according to CNBC. And the reason behind this seismic shift is the Internet.

Men are way more into online product research, comparisons and purchasing than women. Especially affluent men. According to a study conducted by iProspect of males 18+ with household incomes over $100,000:

The conclusion: Luxury marketers should target men separately with a mix of email messaging and direct mail that encourages online shopping.

 That’s good news for users of Wealth Window because we now count over 1.6 million email addresses of affluent men on our file. Such luxury travel marketers as Bailey Banks & Biddle, Old Palm Real Estate, and Silversea Cruises are among the first to drive traffic to their sites via Wealth Window Email Addresses.

Upscale brand marketers can now easily conduct targeted, multichannel email and postal campaigns to bring affluent men into their online stores – something retailers have struggled to do for years!

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