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Mega Mansions on the Rise

Monday, March 19th, 2012

As most home buyers look less for the triple story foyers (to save on energy bills), and more for single story houses (where they may live the rest of their lives), there continues to be a segment of the population that’s way over the top in new home construction.

They’re the “Mega-Mansion Owners” and for them, bigger is better. Check out this MarketWatch clip and you get the idea. While most homes being built today fall under 3,000 square feet, mega-mansions are 10X that size. The downturn on breaking ground for these massive home projects has disappeared over the last two years.

Not all Mega-Mansion Owners are NFL starting quarterbacks either. They’re investment bankers, business moguls, entrepreneurs, CEOs, celebrities, and heirs. They need the space to accommodate gyms, theater rooms, game rooms, bowling allies, dance studios, and walk-in closets the size of my living room! Their lush landscaping showcases ponds, boat docks, swimming pools, pool houses, sauna baths, outdoor kitchens and perhaps helicopter pads.

They like innovative green technology like solar panels, geo-thermal systems, and low flow water systems. Many have an electric vehicle in their five car garages. Why? Because they can.

Oh if only you could land a spot on their preferred vendor list. How could you get in front of them? Where are these mega-mansions? How can you reach them?

I’m glad you asked – or that I asked for you.

We’ve already created a segment of them on our Wealth Window file Mansions, Estates & Luxury Homes.

Homes on this file are valued at $1 million or more. Over 100,000 are valued at $2 million and higher. Some are in gated communities. Others are in remote locations where no one else can find them but ALC’s wealth identification team. Wherever they are, we can bring you to more of them than any other source. More than 25 upscale marketers in the real estate space are successfully reaching out to these uber-luxury real estate investors.

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