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Luxury Brands Never Go Out of Style

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Even though there is a continued lack of consumer confidence, I am also reading about the rise in luxury brand consumer spending. You see the wealthy have not stopped spending; they just do it a bit less conspicuously, which is a good thing for direct marketers.

There is a growing prevalence among the wealthy to shop from the comfort of their leather sectionals. Based on recent successes in the direct marketing of luxury products, it appears that the affluent, time-strapped lady of the house would rather use a tap of the finger on her iPhone than the swipe of a credit card at a retail store. She would rather be online than be standing on line.

Consider this about the post-recession luxury consumer market:


The hard part is finding these discreet luxury brand shoppers, but I do have a few ideas for you…

At Wealth Window we track over 3 million affluent women, over half of whom are known to have made luxury merchandise purchases over the past year. We also have the opt-in email addresses of over 2.25 million wealthy consumers along with their postal addresses for multichannel marketing campaigns. Add in upscale merchandise buyers, demographics and more, and you can have more of the highly-coveted luxury brand buyers right at your fingertips.

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