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Permission to Email the Wealthy

We’re pleased to report that wealthy consumers are very receptive to email marketing. We also know they respond far better if asked for their permission to allow email messaging. These findings are based on our Wealth Window Email Performance+ Program, which takes the extra first step of “permissioning” to ensure that your message is well-received by the wealthy.

ALC will email affluent consumers on your behalf requesting their permission to receive relevant email messages. The resulting pre-screened audiences prove much more responsive than non-permissioned campaigns because your email relationship got off on the right foot.

Boost Email Results through:

Affluentials Responsive to Permissioned Email:

Wealth Window's transaction data identifies wealthy influential individuals most likely to grant you permission to contact them via email with relevant offers including:

Wealth Window Email Performance+ is setting the standard for best practices in email marketing to the wealthy.

Please contact us to put the Plus into your email campaign Performance.