predcitive insights into consumer purchase and financial decisions

Use the Predictive Power of Financial and Consumer Personas to Connect

Wealth Window offers the exciting dimension of affluent consumer intelligence that identifies attitudes, personalities, and preferences. These characteristics are at the root of all wants and needs that drive purchasing and financial behavior among affluents. Based on this data, ALC has developed specific consumer and financial "personas" around our deep understanding of the emotional and attitudinal drivers of purchase and financial decisions.

Wealth Window Predictive Insights helps marketers see what compels individuals to act, buy, subscribe, join, donate, vote, or simply express an interest to learn more. They allow you to engage, connect, communicate, sell, and build relationships with the different types of Wealth Window consumers. Creative can be guided to reflect the content, graphics, and media that best resonate with the types of personas they exhibit and the way they seek information and make decisions.

ALC can also examine your customer file to determine the various types personalities that align with your brand and then provide a like-minded audience of Wealth Window prospects predicted to behave like your best customers.

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