digital online audience of affluent consumers

Grow Luxury Brands Online with the Most Affluent Digital Audience

Wealthy individuals rank among the most active web users-shopping, viewing content, socializing, and managing their finances online. Proven to view and recall digital ads more than other consumers, they have made digital display marketing the most effective advertising medium for driving online sales, interaction, and brand loyalty among the affluent.

Wealth Window Digital allows luxury brand marketers to reach the elusive wealthy consumer audience online based on their offline characteristics. Multichannel strategies can coordinate the timing of digital display campaigns with marketing to Wealth Window's corresponding postal and email addresses, which has proven to boost results.

Wealth Window Digital Audience Segments Include:

Wealth Window High Net Worth Consumers

  • Net Worth $500,000+
  • Net Worth $1,000,000+
  • Net Worth $2,000,000+
  • Net Worth $5,000,000+

Wealth Window Luxury Home Owners

  • Home Value $500,000+
  • Home Value $750,000+
  • Home Value $1,000,000+

Wealth Window Accredited Investors

  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Estate Planning Investors

Wealth Window Gourmands

Wealth Window Home Decorators

Wealth Window Luxury Auto Owners

  • Luxury Automobile Owners
  • Multiple Luxury Automobile Owners

Wealth Window Donors

  • Donors to Heath Causes
  • Donors to Political Causes
  • Donors to Environmental Causes
  • Donors to Religious Causes

Wealth Window Luxury Travelers

  • Cruise Travelers
  • International Travelers
  • Domestic Travelers

Wealth Window Social Media Influencers

The Wealth Window Digital Audience is immediately available for use through several Data Management Platform exchanges including Exelate and Lotame.

Please contact us to identify digital display solutions for targeting your affluent prospects.