Delivering the Wealthy in Every Affluent Consumer Market

chartALC provides crystal clear views of lavish lifestyles through mailing lists, email addresses and digital display advertising audiences in every affluent consumer market. We track and cross-reference the wealthy through multiple public and private sources. We analyze the data to maintain the most accurate database of America’s wealthiest prospects, Wealth Window.

Marketers to the wealthy cannot afford to rely on single source home value, income or response lists. Wealth Window fills the void in the marketplace with a resource of the truly wealthy. Individuals who appear on our Wealth Window database have an abundance of valuable possessions and enjoy a first-class lifestyle with extremely high discretionary spending power.

Unique Access to High Net Worth Consumer Prospects

The nation’s top 3% wealthiest U.S. individuals with an average net worth of $3.1 million comprise Wealth Window. In all they control 70% of the nation’s wealth. Our wealth-certification team closely tracks multiple affluence indicators and investigates new and emerging benchmarks of real wealth. We then mine a proprietary combination of transaction, ownership and membership data to continually update the Wealth Window database market-by-market.

Zero In on Prime Prospects in your Wealth Market Sector