The Wealthiest Consumers Hold Positions of Power, Prestige, and Influence

After tracking trends among the wealthy for over 35 years, we know how and where to uncover the ultra-affluent. It’s not only where they live that’s important; it’s their possessions, positions and passions that matter in determining an accurate definition of what it is to be a member of the top 1%.

Traditional sources for identifying affluence for marketing are insufficient

• Many wealthy individuals do not live in the most affluent census tracts
• Many affluent individuals do not have typical sources of income
• Many people of means are not found in public directories

The wealthy engage in activities indicative of their status

• Exclusive association memberships     
• Luxury travel
• Golf & country club membership     
• Major gift giving/philanthropy
• Gourmet food and wine appreciation     
• Power spending
• Green awareness     
• Private equity investing

The ultra-affluent self-identify through high value possessions

• Airplanes, fractional jet ownership
• Exotic automobiles and yachts
• Art and antiques
• Real estate holdings
• Upscale merchandise